We offer a variety of services to upgrade your wiring system throughout your home if your home was built before 1978 your house is illegible for a re-wire And a service upgrade some older homes today carry a 100 amp service entrance to the home with 20 circuits 20 space, The recommendation today with all the technology and newer appliances, Computers, and laptops The service entrance Is recommended to be upgraded from 100 amp service to a 200 amp service.
homes with panels like (zinsco) must be changed out for the fact The circuit breakers are expensive and outdated the recommendation today is the Eaton 200 amp40 space 80 circuit, plus add more GFCI to the kitchen area And separate circuits for certain appliances like a microwave and dishwasher for a more efficient load GFCI as Recommended in Article 210.52 Of the national electrical code where countertops must have GFCI protection, GFCI protection must be add in bathrooms Garages and outdoor front and back of the home
At Adel home services Electrical we want you to have a save install From fire hazards and electrocution since we are members of the National Fire Protection Association we recommend The most Recent and safe codes The association requires for Safe electrical installations
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