Ground fault Circuit-interrupter Protection of personnel
Based off of article to 210.8 Since introduction in 1971 code These devices have proved they are used to electrical community that they are worth the added cost during construction or remodeling Published in the data from the U.S Customer product safety commission show A decreasing trend in the number of electrocution in the United States the introduction of GFCI Devices, unfortunately, No statistics or available for actual number of lives saved or injuries prevented by GFCI devices, ‏ most safety experts agree that GFCI‘s are directly responsible for a substantial number of saved lives and prevent injuries.
GFCI’s operate on a current of 5 mA. The listing standard permit differential of 4 to 6 mA At trip levels of 5MA The instantaneous current could be much higher hey Shaq can be felt during the time of the falling shark can lead to an involuntary reaction that may cause secondary accident such as falls GFCI’s do not protect persons from shock hazards will contact is between phase in neutral
Recommendations to remove or Replace GFCIs Every 10 years to be updated with the You are models

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