The national electrical code Article 408Switchboards and panelboards
Article 408.40 and article 408.41
408.40 Requires the panel cabinets frames and so on to be connected to an equipment grounding conductor, not merely (grounded )A separate equipment grounding conductor terminal bar must be installed and bonded to the panel board for termination of feeder and branch circuit equipment grounding conductor’s where Install within the service equipment, This terminal is bonded to the neutral terminal bar any other connection between the equipment-grounding terminal bar and the neutral bar other than allowed in 250.32 is not permitted if this downstream connection occurs current in the neutral or ground conductor would take in parallel path through the equipment grounding conductors (The raceway the building structure or earth for example back to the service equipment Normal load current on the equipment grounding conductor could curate a shock hazard exposed metal parts of equipment could have a potential difference of several volts created by the load current on the ground and conductors another safety hazard created by this effect where some panels are used in arcing or loose Connections at Connectors and raceways fittings creating a potential fire hazardContact us today for your panel upgradeAdel home services

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