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Home Electrical Repair Services in Sanatoga, PA

At Adel Home Services, we approach every home electrical repair in Sanatoga, PA, with a blend of professionalism and family-oriented care. We understand that your home is more than just a structure; it’s where memories are created. Our team is passionate about delivering the best service, treating each repair with the same respect, care, and attention to detail as we would in our own homes. We use only top-quality materials and strive to complete each project on time and to your satisfaction.

Our skilled team at Adel Home Services specializes in a wide range of residential electrical repairs, including:

  • Troubleshooting and rectifying various electrical issues, from simple switch repairs to complex wiring or panel upgrades.
  • Lighting installations, energy-efficient retrofits, and appliance circuit repairs.
  • Exterior electrical projects such as landscape lighting or pool wiring.

Every service we provide focuses on safety, efficiency, and superior workmanship. Trust us to address all your residential electrical needs in Sanatoga, PA, with professionalism and care. We don’t just fix electrical issues; we enhance the safety and comfort of your home. After completing our work, we leave your home as clean as we found it, if not cleaner. Trust Adel Home Services for all your home electrical repair needs and experience the difference of work driven by passion and respect.

Ready for Exceptional Home Electrical Repair Services?

When you hire us, we guarantee that your family will be treated with respect from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

Here are some of the services we provide:

New Construction 

Residential Wiring 

Addition Cabinet Rewires
Remodel and Renovation
Interior Wiring

Exterior Wriring
Main Panel Upgrades
100 AMP 200 AMP
Fan Installation 


Receptacles & GFCI 

Circuit breakers & AFCI

Lights, LED, Recessed lighting


Appliance Installation (Not Repair)

Home theater system installation, Projector, Receiver, Speakers


24/7 Electricians

We Are Open For Emergency Calls


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New Construction

Our skilled electricians specialize in tailoring cutting-edge electrical solutions for new construction projects. From smart home systems to safety compliance, we prioritize efficiency, technology, and seamless project management.

Residental Wiring

Elevate your new construction project with Adel Home Services for future generations. Our residential wiring expertise ensures safe, innovative, and efficient electrical solutions. Trust us to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and compliance, delivering excellence in every wire for homes built to last.

Addition Cabinet Rewires

Revitalize your space with Adel Home Services. Our expert electricians deliver seamless Addition Cabinet Rewires, ensuring efficient and modern electrical solutions tailored to your needs. Elevate your home with precision and reliability.

Remodel and Renovation

Transform your space with Adel Home Services. Our expert electricians specialize in electrical remodels and renovations, providing innovative solutions to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Trust us to bring a modern and reliable electrical touch to your remodeling projects.


Interior Wiring

Adel Home Services ensures top-tier interior wiring solutions. Our expert electricians guarantee seamless and efficient electrical installations, optimizing your space for both functionality and safety. Elevate your interior with our reliable and modern wiring expertise.

exterior wiring

Adel Home Services excels in exterior wiring solutions. Our skilled electricians provide reliable and efficient electrical installations for outdoor spaces, ensuring safety and functionality. Trust us to illuminate and power your exterior with precision and expertise.


Choose Adel Home Services for expert rewiring solutions. Our skilled electricians bring efficiency and safety to the forefront, ensuring a seamless upgrade of your electrical systems. Trust us to revitalize and modernize your space with precision rewiring expertise.

Main Panel Upgrades

Experience enhanced power and safety with Adel Home Services. Our expert electricians specialize in main panel upgrades, ensuring your electrical system meets modern demands. Trust us to optimize your home’s electrical infrastructure for increased efficiency and reliability.

100 AMP 200 AMP.

Adel Home Services offers reliable electrical solutions with 100 AMP and 200 AMP services. Ensure your power supply meets your needs, backed by our expert electricians for efficient and safe installations. Upgrade with confidence for a more powerful and resilient electrical infrastructure.

Fan Installation

Trust Adel Home Services for expert fan installations. Our skilled electricians ensure a seamless and efficient process, enhancing your space with optimal air circulation and modern design. Elevate your comfort with our reliable fan installation services.


Adel Home Services provides expert switch installation services. Our skilled electricians ensure precise and efficient installations, offering modern solutions to enhance your home’s functionality. Trust us to bring a seamless and reliable switch system to your space.

Receptacles, GFCI

Adel Home Services specializes in installing receptacles and GFCI outlets. Our expert electricians ensure precise and efficient installations, enhancing safety and convenience in your home. Trust us to deliver modern electrical solutions for your receptacle needs.

Circuit breakers, AFCI

Trust Adel Home Services for expert installation of circuit breakers and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) systems. Our skilled electricians ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical circuits, providing modern solutions to protect your home. Upgrade with confidence for enhanced electrical safety.

Lights /LED / Recessed lighting

Illuminate your space with Adel Home Services. Our expert electricians specialize in the installation of lights, LED fixtures, and recessed lighting. Experience modern and energy-efficient lighting solutions, tailored to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your home. Trust us to brighten your space with precision and style.

Appliance Installation ( Not Repair)

Choose Adel Home Services for expert appliance installation. Our skilled technicians ensure seamless and efficient setups, bringing reliability to your home appliances. Trust us for precision installations that guarantee optimal performance for your appliances.

Home theater system installation/ Projector/ Receiver/ Speakers

Elevate your entertainment experience with Adel Home Services. Our skilled technicians specialize in home theater system installations, including projectors, receivers, and speakers. Trust us to create a cinematic environment in your home, ensuring seamless integration for a captivating audio-visual experience.


Count on Adel Home Services for expert electrical troubleshooting. Our skilled technicians identify and resolve issues efficiently, ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical systems. Trust us to diagnose and fix problems, providing reliable solutions for a secure and efficient home.

24/7 Electricians We Are Open For Emergency Calls

Adel Home Services is your reliable partner, open 24/7 for emergency calls. Our dedicated electricians are ready to address urgent issues, providing swift and effective solutions to ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical systems at any time. Trust us for round-the-clock assistance for your peace of mind.

More Services

Baseboard heaters circuits and thermostat

At Adel Home, we specialize in installing, repairing, and optimizing baseboard heater circuits and thermostats. Our expert technicians ensure efficient and reliable heating solutions tailored to your needs, providing warmth and comfort throughout your space. Trust Adel Home for professional service and expertise in all your baseboard heating needs

Breakers replacing old with new

At Adel Home, we offer comprehensive breaker replacement services, upgrading your old units with state-of-the-art models for enhanced safety and efficiency. From dimmer switches to doorbells, disconnects to Dusk to Dawn sensors, our skilled technicians handle it all with precision and care. Count on us for electrical troubleshooting, emergency services, hot tub wiring, and meter box installations, both overhead and underground. Trust Adel Home to keep your electrical system running smoothly and reliably.

plugs and cords dryers and ranges

At Adel Home, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of plugs and cords for dryers and ranges, ensuring safe and reliable power connections for your appliances. Our experienced technicians ensure proper wiring and secure connections, providing peace of mind for you and your household. Whether you need a new installation, replacement, or repair, trust Adel Home to deliver top-quality service and expertise for all your electrical needs.

Receptacles GFIs dryer and range

At Adel Home, we take pride in our expertise in installing and servicing receptacles, including GFI outlets for enhanced safety in wet areas, as well as outlets for dryers and ranges. Our skilled technicians ensure proper wiring and placement, adhering to all safety standards and regulations. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current outlets or need repairs, Adel Home is your trusted partner for reliable electrical solutions. Count on us for professional service and peace of mind in your home.


Safety inspection

At Adel Home, our safety inspection services cover all aspects of your electrical system, from smoke detectors to switches, ensuring every component is functioning properly and up to code. Additionally, we specialize in service upgrades ranging from 100 amp to 400 amp, enhancing the capacity and reliability of your electrical service. With meticulous attention to detail, our experienced technicians provide thorough inspections and necessary upgrades, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Trust Adel Home for comprehensive safety inspections and expert electrical services.

Trenching underground power lines

At Adel Home, we offer professional trenching services for underground power line installation, ensuring reliable and safe electrical connections for your property. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to carefully excavate trenches while minimizing disruption to your landscape. Whether you’re installing new power lines or upgrading existing ones, trust Adel Home to deliver efficient and precise trenching services tailored to your needs. Count on us for expert craftsmanship and quality results in all your underground power line projects.

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