Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station Installation

If you have a Tesla or other electric vehicle, Adel Home Services is ready to install your own EV charging station at home! No need to worry about leaving your vehicle at a public charging station overnight, or rushing out to charge up before a long drive. Your car will always be ready to go when you need it. Contact the expert electricians at Adel Home Services for our professional EV home charging installation services.

Why Charge Your EV at Home?

  • Convenience: With an EV charger at home, you don’t have to find public chargers and always be worrying about your battery level before a trip. Simply plug in and your car will be ready to go, right from home.
  • Cost: Charging at home is far cheaper over time than paying every time you need to use a public charging station. At-home EV charging is affordable and cost-efficient.
  • Safety: Your vehicle can always charge safely at home instead of being left in a public parking lot. Charge overnight, worry-free!

Adel Installs All Types of EV Chargers

From Tesla to JuiceBox to Chargepoint, Adel installs solutions for all electric vehicle makes and models such as Ford, GMC, Mercedes, BMW, and many more. We install Level 1, 2, and 3 charging stations at residences and businesses. You need the right type of charging station for your home and vehicle, and professional installation is the only way to ensure that your car will charge properly and safely.

Not sure what kind of setup you need? We’ll work with you to find the best option for your home. Our fully licensed and insured electricians are ready to install your convenient, cost-effective EV charging station. Whether you already have your charger and need an outlet installed, or you’re just trying to decide on the best solution, contact us today for a free quote.