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Repairs, Installation & Maintenance Services

Allentown Electrical Experts - Your Trusted Home Service Professionals

At Adel Home Services, we are your go-to experts for comprehensive electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance services across Montgomery County, PA, Phoenixville, PA, Sanatoga, PA, and surrounding areas. Whether you’re in need of urgent repairs to your home’s electrical system, looking to upgrade with a modern electrical panel, or considering the installation of a convenient home electric vehicle (EV) charging station, our team of licensed and experienced electricians is here to provide top-notch service.  

AC Repairs, Furnace Maintenance, and Indoor Air Quality

Electrical Safety Inspections and Energy Efficiency Services

Keeping your Allentown home’s electrical systems in optimal condition isn’t just about convenience—it’s a matter of safety and efficiency. At Adel Home Services, we specialize in a full spectrum of electrical services designed to keep your home safe and your energy bills in check. From meticulous electrical inspections to the latest in energy-efficient lighting and appliance solutions, we have the expertise to enhance your home’s electrical performance.

Our Electrical Services include:

  • Comprehensive Safety Inspections: Our seasoned electricians conduct thorough inspections of your home’s electrical system, from outlets to circuit breakers, ensuring everything operates at peak safety standards.
  • Efficient Lighting Solutions: Upgrade to the latest LED and recessed lighting to brighten your space while cutting down on energy consumption.
  • Customized Electrical Panel Upgrades: We provide modern electrical panel upgrades tailored to your home’s specific power needs, ensuring a safe and robust electrical supply.
  • EV Charging Station Installations: Make the switch to sustainable driving with our expert EV charger installations, offering convenience and efficiency right at your doorstep.

Our team of licensed professionals is committed to delivering high-quality electrical repair, installation, and maintenance services to the residents of Allentown and beyond. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency outage or planning a major upgrade, trust Adel Home Services to handle every job with precision and care.

For trusted assistance with your home’s electrical needs, connect with Adel Home Services – your reliable electrician ally in Allentown. Dial (610-427-1984) for expert support or to schedule a service. 

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