This was a 100 amp 20 circuits 20 space / updated to a New panel 30 circuit 30 space in pottstownpa

My Name Is Ray Ammouri :
I started this small business 6 years ago, with the help of God, my Family and some Good people that believe in me making a change for others, I’ve been an electrician for most of my life, I started out in the trade when I was about 14 years old over the summertime break, I’ve been doing it ever since, some people wonder where the plumbing part comes in the picture ,the truth it’s only a second trade I got lucky to learn from my brother Mike, I have other things I do on the side with my free time, I’m in the real estate field, I renovate a couple properties each year I include interior design and the workmanship than ( Up for sale), real estate is a side Hobby when the business is slow and the real estate market is good to buy, I work hard to make my friends and My customers become close to me by referring there friends and family to work on their homes from changing out lights to fixing a switch or upgrading a panel or troubleshooting a power loss in the house, I do my best to keep a clean place after I’m finished at a job, looking to make people happy with my work and my work ethic. I like Facebook Keeps me in touch with all the people I get to meet through my work and outside of my work, it’s good to have a lot of people on Facebook it’s the new thing this day and age.
My son helps me out with a lot of my work, I’m blessed to have him work with me side by side it gives me time with him to hang out when we drive to the jobs and he gets an idea about My work, and He may learn something new. Hope he will take over the Business one day.
Once More, Thank You and God bless
Ray Ammouri /Licensed and Insured /PA 113994